The Band


FiasCo was formed by the unwitting coming together of die hard troubadours.

chrisChris Alger has been playing drums since high school. Chris is a gifted percussionist who is able to accompany anything. He is a favorite at open-mics because he can back everyone on any kind of music. Chris played with Kali-Stoddard Imari for many years as they developed their own unique musical presentations.

Chris has been playing a Cajon drum (pronounced Kah-Hone) for the last few years and is able to make his one drum sound like an entire kit. He provides the solid backbone to Fiasco.



valVal Davis has been playing music for longer than he cares to mention and has started and hosted many open mics in Vermont for more than 15 years. Val has lived and performed all over the U.S. from Austin, Tx. , to Maine, to Colorado and everywhere in between. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist who enjoys writing and creating solid grooves on guitar, bass and keyboards. His harmony voice is a great match to Britt’s voice and allows them to cover a wide range of music from the Talking Heads to Loggins and Messina to Alison Krauss.